Remote monitoring with CaptureLink

Remotely monitor vehicle data from other users or EdgeAI devices.
Written by John
Updated 1 week ago

You can remotely monitor incoming reads on Aero Ranger devices using the CaptureLink feature.

Open the Capture ANPR app and select the CaptureLink tab in the bottom menu to open the CaptureLink page. 

Tap on a Device or User in the Devices & Users list to remotely connect to a live feed of data and receive vehicle data and alert notifications from that device/user without having to directly connect to the edgeAI module’s WiFi network.

Tap the Disconnect button in the top right to stop receiving data from the linked device/user.

Refresh the list of Devices & Users displayed by dragging down on the list.

Select a Favourite device/user by tapping the star icon to the right of a device/user, and the associated device/user will be displayed in the top Favourites area.

These devices and users correspond to the nickname or email for each User and Device listed in your Aero Ranger Dashboard Management panel.

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