Remote monitoring with CaptureLink

Remotely monitor vehicle data from other users or EdgeAI devices.
Written by John
Updated 2 months ago

If you have purchased EdgeAI hardware, you can remotely monitor incoming reads on those devices using the CaptureLink feature.

Select the CaptureLink tab and enter your EdgeAI module’s email address which consists of the 10-digit WiFi SSID code (printed on the bottom of your edgeAI module) and "" (i.e [email protected]).

If you've lost your EdgeAI module's email address, your Aero Ranger organisation administrator can find device and user email information in the Users and Devices pages under the Accounts tab in the left-hand menu.

Once added, you can select your device to remotely view plate reads and receive hotlist alerts in real-time, without having to directly connect to the edgeAI module’s WiFi network.

Alternatively, if you wish to monitor incoming data from another Capture ANPR app user in your Organisation, simply enter the user's Aero Ranger account email address (i.e. [email protected]).

View CaptureLink device read history

The CaptureLink page features its own History list which displays the last 30mins of reads captured by the linked EdgeAI module.

CaptureLink will continue to display incoming reads and read aloud any hotlist alerts until the app is closed or you tap the Disconnect button in the top right of the CaptureLink page.

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