Capture ANPR Quick Start

Use the Capture ALPR app to capture vehicle data using your iOS device.
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Capture ANPR turns your iPhone into a portable automatic licence plate recognition system for fast accurate vehicle identification without requiring any other hardware.

Simply point and tap to receive accurate licence plate reads as well as vehicle colour, make and model descriptions in the field.

Captured vehicle reads are tagged with GPS location, date and time and all captured meta data is automatically and securely uploaded to the Aero Ranger cloud dashboard for analytics and reporting, as well as custom hotlist checking to receive real time cross-platform alerts when a vehicle of interest is detected in the field.

Download the Capture ANPR app

Click the link below to download the Capture ALPR app. Please note that Capture ANPR is only available for iOS 15+ devices.

Get Capture ANPR on the App Store

Login with your Aero Ranger credentials

Launch the app and ensure you are connected to the internet before logging with your supplied Aero Ranger Cloud credentials.

Capture vehicle data

Once logged in, the app will open a camera view which allows you to simply aim at a vehicle and tap to capture an image. The image is then sent to the Aero Ranger Cloud to detect vehicle data.

Ensure the vehicle and numberplate is clearly visible in the image - you can tap the camera view to focus and auto-expose for that area, as well as pinch to zoom the camera.

After a moment, if the Cloud is able to detect plate & vehicle information in the image it will display the plate information on-screen and store the vehicle data in the History tab as well as in the Aero Ranger Cloud. If a captured vehicle is on an Aero Ranger Cloud hotlist, the read will show as red and the alert message will be read aloud.

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