Using the Vehicle Kit: Parking Rangers

How to use the Aero Ranger system in your Parking Ranger duties.
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Before you start:

With the Aero Ranger Vehicle Kit properly installed in your vehicle, you only need to turn on the vehicle to start up the Aero Ranger ALPR system. Please wait 5 minutes for the device to fully initialise before driving off, or you may notice the system will not start capturing vehicle number plates immediately.

Power on your included iOS device and open the Capture ALPR app to prepare to remotely connect to the device for vehicle data monitoring and Parking Violation alerts.

If you haven't already paired your vehicle system with the Capture ALPR app, follow the instructions available here to set up the CaptureLink feature. For any issues with pairing, please contact Aero Ranger and we will be able to assist!

With the Capture ALPR app open, navigate to the CaptureLink tab in the bottom right menu.

Tap to select your previously configured vehicle from the list of available devices.

You will now see a live feed of incoming vehicle data. Any vehicles that have been automatically detected as a Parking Violation based on the back-of-office Zone Category rules and the current GPS location of the vehicles will show up in red, and an audio alert will play. Ensure your iOS device volume is turned up and the device is not in Silent mode.

Automatic Digital Chalking:

The Aero Ranger platform provides a set of Parking Management tools which allow you to perform Digital Chalking. Save time and effort manually 'chalking' vehicle tyres to detect if they have moved their vehicle or overstayed in a parking zone by letting the Aero Ranger system work for you.

Ask your back-of-office team to set up your organisations Zones (parking areas) and Zone Categories (parking rules) by following the instructions available in Manage Zones and Manage Zone Categories.

Now you can head out and use the Aero Ranger Vehicle Kit to collect vehicle data. We recommend driving slowly to ensure all vehicles are captured clearly, and performing a sweep of both sides of the street or carpark to collect as much vehicle data as possible.

The first time you detect a vehicle inside a configured Zone, the back-office system will note it as Sighting #1.

The next time the vehicle is detected in the same zone, if the configured allowed parking time has elapsed, the system will flag the vehicle as an Overstay Parking Violation and send an instant alert to any email addresses or mobile numbers configured in the Notification List of the Zone Category in the back-office settings as well as play an audio alert in the vehicle via the iOS app.

For more information on Digital Chalking, see Intro to Digital Chalking.

Review Parking Violations:

While connected to a device in CaptureLink, you can choose to show only vehicle data that is flagged as a Parking Violation or an Alert by selecting the Hits Only toggle to the right of the Quick Filter field.

To review information associated with any captured vehicle data, tap to select any vehicle item in the list.

For view more detailed information, you can select the Link icon to the right of the Alert Message display to open the Aero Ranger web dashboard and display a Violation Report for the relevant violation.

Performing Utilisation Surveys:

Your Aero Ranger Vehicle Kit is constantly collecting vehicle data which is used to automatically generate Utilisation Surveys in the back-office system.

To capture data used in Zone Utilisation calculations, perform one or more 'surveys' of a specific Zone by quickly capturing vehicle data throughout the entire zone for no longer than 10 minutes.

As soon as you enter a Zone configured in the back-office system, the first vehicle number plate captured will initiate a survey.

After 10 minutes, all of the data captured within that time is considered part of a single survey.

You can perform multiple surveys per zone to increase the accuracy of the results (in case you missed any parked vehicles).

To start an additional survey directly after the initial survey, wait 5 minutes from capturing the last vehicle read in that zone and a new survey will be initiated once you start capturing vehicle data again.

For more information on Zone Utilisation, see View Zone Utilisation data.

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