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Is the EdgeAI device waterproof?

The EdgeAI device is IP65 rated. This means that it is dust tight and is protected against water jets from any angle.

However, we do not recommend prolonged exposure to the elements. We have an IP67 device available for outdoor use.

External cameras are IP68 rated and so can be used in the elements with no risk of damage.

How much data will the device use?

The EdgeAI device is connected to the internet via the 4G data SIM you have supplied. Each read transfers around 1mb of data to the cloud, so make sure your mobile plan can handle the volume of reads you are expecting to receive.

How do I mount the device?

You can make use of the four mounting lugs on the bottom of the device. These lugs are spaced 170mm by 227mm apart. Vibration isolating rubber feet can be supplied if required.

Each antenna works best if positioned vertically, regardless of the orientation of the edgeAI device itself.

The GPS antenna should be mounted with as clear a view to the sky as possible. Mounting it on the dashboard or rear parcel shelf in a vehicle is acceptable. In the case of a static camera, mount the GPS antenna as high as possible.

What types of cameras can I use?

The edgeAI device is rated to output 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE). This means it can directly power any IP camera that is 802.3af compliant. Non-PoE IP cameras can also be used, but please ensure an isolated PoE splitter such as the TP-Link TL-PoE10R is connected between the edgeAI device and the camera.

The device also supports video input through the USB interface via an HDMI-USB capture card such as the Magewell USB Capture device. This allows for input from non-IP cameras such as video cameras and drones that can output over HDMI.

The device can read from two (2) cameras at a time. These camera IPs are pre-set in the software so please make sure you let your Aero Ranger sales representative know your static camera IPs and make/models before shipment.

What are the power requirements for the device?

The edgeAI device is designed to be powered from a 12 volt power source. The acceptable voltage range is 12.8 to 13.8V DC. It can draw up to 80w (6a @ 12v) when powering four (4) cameras, so make sure the power supply is capable.

The device stopped working. Can I fix it?

If the device has stopped working, please get in touch with your supplier to discuss the issue. Please do not open the device as it has no user serviceable parts inside.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact our support team by sending an email to [email protected]. If your query is urgent, please phone the office on 1300 267 837.

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