What fields do you receive via the NEVDIS database lookup?

Please note that this will only be available in an enterprise plan.
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NEVDIS Field Name


Number Plate

An alphanumeric code used to identify vehicles. The plate is visible on the front and rear of most vehicles.


The area within Australia where the vehicle is registered.


A unique 17 character code used to identify individual motor vehicles.


A unique code used to identify individual motor vehicles. Used before January 1989 in Australia.


The manufacturer of the vehicle.


The specific product within the manufacturer's range.

Engine Number

A unique alphanumeric sequence stamped onto the engine by the manufacturer.

Vehicle Type

The category that the vehicle is registered as.

Body Type

Classification of the vehicle shape noted by the road authority.


The primary paint colour of the vehicle noted by the road authority.

Compliance Plate

Month and year the vehicle was confirmed as meeting local regulations.

Year of Manufacture

Year the vehicle was assembled.

Registration Status

Can be either Registered, Unregistered or Suspended.

Registration Expiry Date

Status and expiry date update when registration is paid/cancelled or lapsed. Some states update within 1 hour while others update overnight.

Written-off Vehicle Notification Status

current written off status of the vehicle

Written-off Vehicle Damage Codes

Code dictating the type and location of the damage

Stolen Vehicle Type

Part of the vehicle that is stolen.

Stolen Vehicle Jurisdiction

State where the vehicle was reported stolen.

Stolen Vehicle Reported Date

Date the vehicle was reported as stolen.

Stolen Vehicle Summary

Police jurisdiction reference number.

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