Intro to Digital Chalking

Use Zones and Zone Categories to detect vehicle overstays.
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The Aero Ranger platform provides a set of Parking Management tools which allow you to perform Digital Chalking. Save time and effort manually 'chalking' vehicle tyres to detect if they have moved their vehicle or overstayed in a parking zone by letting the Aero Ranger system work for you.

Follow the instructions available in Manage Zones and Manage Zone Categories to create a valid Zone and Zone Category.

The Zone represents the car park or parking area you are monitoring.

The Zone Category represents the set of parking rules (i.e. 2 hour parking only between 9am-5pm) you are looking to enforce.

For example, see the below Zone Category:

The Parking Time is set at 2 hours, meaning vehicles are only allowed to park there for 2 hours at a time.

Note also that the No Return time is set at 1 hour, meaning that after their 2 hour parking period has finished, they must not return for at least 1 hour or the system will flag the vehicle as overstayed. 

It is recommended to complete two passes/surveys in less than the No Return Time in order to detect any overstays. For example, setting a No Return Time of 1 hour means after completing your first pass/survey you need to complete a second pass/survey before the 1 hour is up to detect any overstays.

If you wish flag all potential overstays and manually review whether the vehicle returned in the allowable No Return Time, set the No Return Time slider all the way to the left.

Now you can head out and use the Aero Ranger Vehicle Kit or Capture ALPR app to collect vehicle data. The first time you detect a vehicle inside the Zone you have configured, the system will note it as Sighting #1.

The next time the vehicle is detected in the same zone, if the 2 hour Parking Time has elapsed, the system will flag the vehicle as an Overstay Parking Violation and send an instant alert to any email addresses or mobile numbers configured in the Notification List of the Zone Category.

Parking Violations are searchable via the Plate Search page by using the Parking Violations search filter.

And broader Plate Searches will flag Parking Violations with a visual tag:

Select the Hit Details button to view more information about the vehicle read, and then click the Reports > Parking Violation

This will generate a comprehensive report on the vehicle sightings that led to the Violation being flagged, and allow you to export the report to PDF.

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