Add a Hikvision ANPR Camera

How to integrate your existing Hikvision ANPR camera with Aero Ranger
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The Aero Ranger system supports integration of existing 3rd-Party devices including Hikvision, Reconyx, Milesight and AXIS cameras.

Create device credentials

Before integrating your device, login to the Aero Ranger Dashboard to create your device credentials.

Login with an Administrator account and select the Devices page under the Accounts tab in the left hand menu.

On the Devices page, select the Add 3rd-Party Device button

On the Add 3rd-Party Device page, note down the Username and Password that are generated. 

Ensure you save the Password in a secure place, as you will not able to view the password again after the device is created. 

If you forget your device password, please email us at [email protected]

Set a Description for the device which will be used to identify the camera in other areas of the Aero Ranger Dashboard such as the Plate Search page.

Enter a GPS location for your device which represents the physical location that your camera is installed (i.e. Latitude: 34.1747111, Longitude: 115.0438462).

Once you've finished entering the device details, please the Create button to create your device credentials.

With your device credentials added to the Aero Ranger system, you can now enter the relevant details into your device by following the instructions below.


Aero Ranger currently supports integration with Hikvision ANPR cameras via SFTP.

The below instructions assume your camera is already physically installed and connected to the internet and is successfully capturing ANPR data. The configuration page may differ between camera models so please refer to your specific camera manual for additional info on configuring a SFTP data push.

Please ensure the device timezone is set to GMT+0.

Refer to the below picture to and enter the following SFTP server details under Configuration > Network >  Advanced Settings > FTP.

  • FTP Protocol: SFTP
  • Server Address:
  • Port: 22
  • Username: [your username]
  • Password: [your password]
    Enter the username and password you created earlier on the Add 3rd-Party Device page.
  • Directory Structure: Save in the parent directory
  • Parent Directory: Custom > images
  • Upload Picture: Check

Next, go to Road Traffic > Configuration and configure as follows:

  • Set the ‘Road Traffic’ configuration as follows to ensure the picture quality is set to 9. Setting a larger image quality may result in slower uploads, or no upload at all.
  • Ensure that 'FTP Picture Name' is set to 'Custom' and the sorting matches the image below (Capture Time > Plate No. > Camera Name). Use the up and down arrows to arrange the sorting if required.


Under Configuration > Detection Configuration, ensure that the ‘Arming Schedule and Linkage Method’ is configured to ‘Upload to FTP’ for cars on the ‘Other List’, as well as the Black List and White List if you have these configured. See below image which shows the Arming Schedule as Always On and the Linkage Method set to ‘Upload to FTP’

Some Hikvision devices will capture multiple images for a single vehicle including the full-size image, vehicle area crop and number plate area crop. To avoid duplicated data in the Aero Ranger system, configure your camera to only upload the large full-size image.

Ensure that the internal time of the camera is set to GMT+0 to allow reads to be uploaded with the correct timestamp in our system.

Our system currently requires cameras uploading via SFTP to be set to UTC+0 timezone, but data in the Aero Ranger Dashboard will be displayed in your local timezone.

If you experience any issues integrating your camera, don't hesitate to get in touch via [email protected]

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